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Infrared Sauna, Steam Shower & Amenity Area in Wolfeboro, NH

Ohm Lifestyle Center is more than your average health and wellness spa. We are committed to giving our clients a full, relaxing experience. Walk through our doors, and enter a true escape from reality. After receiving one of our wellness services and treatments, step into our amenity area and see how we can help you continue your relaxation journey. We have an infrared sauna to help you detox and relax before you make your way back home and into reality. Our amenity area also offers a steam shower that is intended to help with stress relief, improve circulation and breathing, as well as moisturizing your skin and more! We provide water bottles, a full linen stock, and bathrooms for your convenience all in one tranquil space. Let us help you continue your wellness journey with our private amenity area at Ohm.

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Embrace The Heat With Our Sauna & Amenity Area at Ohm

What Are The Benefits of An Infrared Sauna?

Detoxification & Cleansing

Infrared saunas are shown to support detoxification with regular use. Detoxification and cleansing the body can help promote a happier & healthier lifestyle.

Relaxation & Improved Sleep

It goes without saying that a sauna can be extremely relaxing, but infrared saunas also have the benefits of better sleep and help with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sore Muscle & Joint Relief

With just 30 mins in an infrared sauna, our muscles and joints can get relaxed and relieved. The heat from an infrared sauna can also help clients with arthritis.

Clearer & Tighter Skin

Sweating in an infrared sauna can open and clear your pores, removing oils & toxins from your skin. It also helps tighten your skin by improving circulation & reducing cellulite.

Improved Circulation

While inside an infrared sauna, the heat causes an increase in your body temperature & blood flow, resulting in improved circulation.

Weight Loss

Sitting in an infrared sauna causes you to burn calories, as well as boosting your metabolism. Regular use of an infrared sauna can help you shed some weight off.

What Is A Steam Shower And How Can It Help Me?

steam shower at ohm lifestyle center

Ohm Lifestyle center invites you to relax & unwind with a steam shower in our amenity area. A steam shower is specially designed to create large clouds of steam while you shower, and after your shower is complete. This allows you to completely open up, letting the steam enter your body. Whether you are relaxing your body after a workout, cleansing your body if you feel under the weather, or just looking for some stress relief, a steam shower is a great way to do so!

A steam shower has many benefits to help you relax and feel good in your skin! Steam showers help you cleanse your skin, improve your breathing, aid in congestion relief, improve circulation, reduce stiff joints, and take the stress off your body. Learn more about steam showers at Ohm Lifestyle Center by giving us a call today, and make your appointment to experience clarity and an improved lifestyle.

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Amenity Area Packages & Pricing in Wolfeboro, NH

Single Visit- $40 (6o minute session)
Membership- $105/month +

SILVER VIP Amenity Membership

Includes 4 sessions per month with a discounted rate of $25 per session thereafter.


GOLD VIP Amenity Membership

Includes 8 sessions per month with a discounted rate of $20 per session thereafter.


Memberships Include:

  • A welcome package of a body wrap, spa towel, shower cap & vouchers for free service upgrades.
  • Complimentary birthday session.
  • Discounted rates on additional sessions.
  • Free of charge sessions per month.

Relax, Unwind, and Find Clarity in Our Amenity Area

Our amenity area is a welcomed space for all clients who are looking to relax, refresh and improve their health & wellness. From the various health benefits of an infrared sauna and steam shower, to a relaxing environment for some quiet time, Ohm Lifestyle Center strives to improve your well-being. Learn more about all that our amenity area has to offer by giving us a call today at 603-515-9923.

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