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Body Massage For Emotional Trauma Release

Now more than ever, our bodies need to be released of stress, worry, and trauma. We can’t always hold in and bottle up our emotions with everything happening in the world. There are ways of releasing the trauma trapped inside of us, and this includes massage therapy. A body massage can help free the body and mind from emotional trauma. Whether the trauma is relatively new or you are still facing the side effects of a previous traumatic experience, a massage helps wipe away all the tension and negative thoughts. Discover below how a massage can release emotional trauma and how you can benefit from one today.

When To Have A Trauma Release Massage

A massage therapist trained in providing trauma release will know precisely how to handle each client. No two people face the same trauma and are suffering in the same areas. A massage therapist will provide a natural healing approach to lift any deep emotions or tension causing pain and blocking energy flow. Many people are not aware that muscle memory is real; muscle tissues can hold onto negative feelings that are related to the trauma we experience. Whether the body has undergone a car accident, injury, or other traumatic accident, the tissue becomes affected due to that scary memory. If this memory is not released, it will affect the whole body. A trauma release massage can be used for clients who have had either of the following experiences:

  • Car Accident
  • Sports Injury
  • A slip or fall
  • Physical trauma
  • Mental health issues
  • PTSD or abuse
  • And much more

How A Massage Can Release Trauma

A trauma release massage is a non-invasive massage therapy treatment that helps work out the negative energy and trauma that is trapped deep into the muscle. The massage therapist will stretch, massage, and engage specific areas of your body to promote energy and blood flow while relieving stress and tension. The client will feel a weight lifted off their shoulders as their trauma is eliminated in real-time as the patient is aware of their memory. Relieving emotional trauma early on will prevent the negative memory from being trapped in the body as the injury heals. This will make it harder to overcome later on, and clients may struggle with anxiety, pain, and adverse side effects of the trauma. 

The Benefits of Emotional Trauma Release

Releasing emotional trauma has significant benefits on mental and physical well-being. Below are just some of the benefits of emotional trauma release. 

  • Heals the body and mind
  • Provides balance
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Reduces stress
  • Brings balance to the body
  • Releases negative emotions, energy, and memories
  • Releases tension
  • Helps clients “let go”

Release Emotional Trauma With A Body Massage At Ohm

Ohm Lifestyle Center in Wolfeboro, NH is committed to helping clients heal their body, mind, and soul. Whether you are recovering from a traumatic experience or are looking to relieve built-up stress and anxiety, our massage therapists are here with healing hands and warm hearts. We understand you may have had a negative experience, but we are here to help you promote a positive and healthier future. Learn more about our trauma-release bodywork massage, or contact us to request an appointment today

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