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CryoSkin: Does It Work?

Many people are familiar with coolsculpting, but only a few know about CryoSkin. Cryoskin is a painless, non-invasive treatment for fat reduction and cellulite removal. Aside from being completely painless and non-invasive, CryoSkin also offers clients various other benefits. It is convenient, effective, safe on the skin, and provides more value making it available and affordable at spas and salons. CryoSkin is proven highly effective in targeting stubborn fat in the body. Whether that is a double chin, belly fat, back fat, or other small and large body areas, CryoSkin is suitable for fat reduction. Learn more about CryoSkin, how long it lasts, and whether it offers clients permanent results.

How Long Does CryoSkin Last?

CryoSkin lasts different lengths of time for each client. With proper diet and exercise, CryoSkin can last several months up to several years. Clients can expect results after 4-5 sessions depending on their body type and desired type of CryoSkin treatment. To extend the length of your results, you should come back for 2-3 more sessions six months after your last treatment is finished. 

Is CryoSkin Permanent?

CryoSkin results will depend on the person receiving the treatment and which type of CryoSkin they have. Learn below the results of CroSlimming, CryoToning, and CryoFacial and whether or not clients see permanent results.

CryoSlimming Results

For CryoSlimming, most clients will have permanent results for fat reduction! By targeting specific areas such as the back, belly, arms, and legs, these fat reduction results will be permanent, giving you a forever boost of confidence. To see these results, it is recommended to have 2-3 sessions six months after your treatment ends to maintain the best permanent results.

CryoToning Results

For CryoToning, the results for cellulite reduction and toning are considered to be temporary results. These results will only permanently last if regular diet and exercise are continued throughout your lifestyle. With CryoToning, the target area is treated with freezing temperatures while boosting collagen production and targeting cellulite. This will provide temporary relief if not continued with a healthy diet and sessions to maintain those results.

CryoFacial Results

CryoFacial results will last for months after treatment, but the results are not considered to be permanent for clients. CryoFacial treatments are intended to boost collagen in the skin and aid in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging features. CryoFacial will help promote skin elasticity while giving your face a “glow” at the end of each session. As clients continue to age, these results will not last forever and require frequent maintenance sessions. 

CryoSkin Services For Fat Reduction in Wolfeboro, NH

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