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CryoSkin VS Coolsculpting

When you are eating healthy and working out, it can sometimes still be hard to tone stubborn areas on your body. It can be frustrating and make us feel down on ourselves, especially after all the hard work we have put in on our journey to better health. Certain fat reduction procedures like liposuction can be costly and seem intimidating to begin. Luckily, non-invasive fat reduction treatments are available to help you target stubborn problem areas. CryoSkin and Coolsculpting are two of the most popular fat reduction treatments in today’s market. Both are FDA approved and are designed to tone the body and achieve a tighter look. CryoSkin and Coolsculpting use cold temperatures to manipulate those fat and muscle cells. This tones your body by eliminating the face of fat pockets and giving you more confidence on the outside! Read below to learn the difference between CryoSkin and Coolsculpting and see which option is the better fit for you!

What is CryoSkin?

CryoSkin is the process of eliminating fat cells by applying and alternating cold and heat to certain body areas. CryoSkin is a non-invasive, painless, and highly effective fat reduction treatment. It is performed using a wand-like instrument to glide over the target areas. There are three different types of CryoSkin treatments:

  • CryoSlimming: Which is aimed at fat loss
  • CryoToning: Which targets cellulite and signs of aging
  • CryoFacial: Which tightens and firms the chin and face


The CryoSlimming procedure is aimed at fat loss. It focuses on one specific body part at a time and usually works best on the stomach, arms, back, and thighs. The temperatures for a standard CryoSlimming procedure are heat of about 40 degrees C applied to the problem area for about 2 minutes. Then for 12 minutes, cold temperatures are applied at -8 degrees C. The 

treatment is expected for about a half hour and requires 3-5 treatments for each problem area.


The CryoToning procedure targets cellulite and signs of aging. It works by chilling the layer of fat just below the skin. As this fat is cooling, blood vessels and collagen production is stimulated, breaking down the fibers that cause cellulite. This targets loose skin and cellulite, leaving you with tight skin and an overall toned appearance. Unlike CryoSlimming, this procedure can target more than one area at a time in a single session. CryoToning treatment is expected for about 20 minutes and requires 3-5 treatments for best results.


The CryoFacial tightens the face, neck, and chin. This procedure acts as a nonsurgical facelift and leaves your face feeling youthful again. Stimulating collagen production also improves fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin’s texture will improve, and the size of your pores and skin elasticity will increase. Cryoskin Facials can be used to tighten your chin and remove the appearance of a double chin. The best part about CryoFacial is that no downtime is required after each session. For best results, you must have 3-5 sessions.


What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a nonsurgical cooling technique designed to reduce fat in targeted areas. This treatment works best on the inner and outer thighs, arms, love handles, neck, back, upper and lower abdomen, buttocks, and chin. It has improved appearance by reducing cellulite on the arms, legs, and buttocks. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive treatment that requires no anesthesia, needles, or a medical setting. This treatment is expected to last 1-3 hours.

Coolsculpting works by using a specifically designed handheld device for cooling the targeted areas on the body. A gel pad and applicator are applied to control the cooling effect that is targeted to the stubborn fat. Unlike CryoSkin, no wand moves around the body; the Coolsculpting applicator stays stagnant throughout the procedure. There may be some discomfort during the process, but it is not necessarily a painful experience. Many people find a cooling, stinging, tingling, stretching, or aching sensation. No recovery time is necessary after the procedure, and patients are expected to notice 20-80% fat reduction up to three weeks after the procedure.Coolsculpting may also cause some side effects after the procedure is over. Swelling, bruising, redness, achiness, and tenderness of the affected area can be expected. Similar to CryoSkin, Coolsculpting is not a weight loss tool and should only be performed to tighten and reduce the appearance of fat on people who are struggling to tone their bodies.


CryoSkin or Coolsculpting: Which is Right For Me?

The primary goals of both CryoSkin and Coolsculpting are relatively similar, so when it comes down to deciding which fat reduction tool to choose, it depends on your price point and choice of method. CryoSkin is a more comfortable choice, though it requires multiple sessions compared to one Coolsculpting session. CryoSkin is significantly less expensive and only requires 20-30 minute sessions compared to 1-3 hour sessions. Coolsculpting may be a more uncomfortable choice because of its cooling and tingling sensation for the duration of the procedure. It is also a more expensive option, as it only requires one session to be completed to see results. CryoSkin is safe for all patients who are pregnant, have Raynaud’s disease, severe diabetes, and cancer. Coolsculpting is not recommended for those with a history of Raynaud’s disease or sensitivity to cold.

When it comes down to choosing CryoSkin or Coolsculpting, you cannot go wrong with either fat reduction tool. Both treatments are safe and effective for fat loss and toning, helping you feel more confident in your body! CryoSkin and Coolsculpting should not be used in place of diet and exercise as they are intended to help tone and tighten your body while reducing the appearance of fat dimples.


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