Russian manicure on cuticle

Everything You Need To Know About A Russian Manicure

If you’re unfamiliar with a Russian manicure, it may sound intimidating. Russian manicures are among the latest nail art trends people rave about on social media. Its biggest claim to fame is that it pushes back the cuticle and cleans the nail 50% better than a traditional manicure! There is lots of talk about this hot new manicure service, and we want to fill you in on everything you need to know before you schedule your appointment. Learn more about Russian manicures, how they work, and whether or not they’re right for you!

What Are Russian Manicures and How Do They Work?

Russian manicures are dry manicures that use an electric file with a soft ball tip to clean the nail cuticles safely. They are known for cleaning the nail 50% better than a traditional manicure. This shapes the nail without using water or pushing back the cuticle with a tool in a regular manicure. This manicure gets its name because it leaves the nails looking clean and polished as they would in a Russian manicure salon. This manicure does not require soaking in any water and instead uses a variety of steps to clean and shape the nails. Using an electric nail file with a soft ball tip, the nail bed is cleaned, and the cuticle is removed. The next step is to shape the nails according to the client’s wants. Once the cuticles are cleaned, and the nails are shaped, painting the nails is the next step. The first polishing step involves a base coat specially designed for Russian manicures only. Then, the color of your choice is painted on. 

Are Russian Manicures Safe?

Many clients may wonder if a Russian manicure is safe. Filing the cuticle and nails may make some clients nervous as they worry about getting cut or risking an infection. Going to a professional and experienced nail technician for your Russian manicure will give you peace of mind. They know how to properly clean and trim your cuticle without a high risk of cutting your skin or being too aggressive. Using an electric file with a soft ball tip makes it gentler on your skin and prevents any cuts from occurring on the nail or cuticle. Make sure to do your research before booking a Russian manicure and find a nail technician who is highly skilled and professional for the job.

What Are The Benefits of A Russian Manicure?

Russian manicures are a beautiful and clean way to have your nails. They leave your nails looking and feeling lighter and more beautiful than a traditional manicure. Russian manicures are a great way to push back and trim your cuticle so you have nothing but beautifully polished color on your fingers. They are also durable and long-lasting compared to gel, dip, or regular manicure services and do not use toxic acrylic or gel polishes. A Russian manicure can last up to four weeks using gel polish and 1-2 weeks for regular polish without needing a touch-up like a traditional gel or regular polish service.

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