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Gel Tips Vs. Acrylics- What Is The Difference?

Nail trends are constantly changing as new and improved techniques and styles come about. For those looking for added length and style to their nails, there are ways of achieving that desired look Many people are familiar with acrylic nails that use glue to latch onto your nail and are then filed and shaped according to your desire. Today, gel tips are the latest and greatest, as they still give you the added length you are looking for with a less damaging finish. Learn more about gel tips and acrylics below, the difference, and which option may be best for your nails!

What Are Gel Tips?

Gel tips are made from soft-gel formed into a nail tip. These tips are preshaped, clear, and available in different lengths, shapes, and thicknesses for clients desired goals. These tips are attached to the client’s nail using a gel product, and then use a UV light to set the tip onto the nail. Gel tips are easy to apply and are intended to take off and replace with new tips easily. They are known for being more natural-looking, flexible, and softer than acrylic nails. It’s important that you go to your nail technician to remove these nails professionally so you do not damage your natural nails. Gel tips are a great way to give you nails some length without a damaging removal or installation process!

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are made of acrylic polymers that create a jelly-like substance to cover your nail and then get shaped using an electric file drill to your desired shape and length. An entire acrylic nail will be placed on the nail, or if the client prefers an acrylic tip, that can be added instead. Unlike gel tips, these tips are not intended to be removed when the client goes back in for their next appointment. Unless a tip breaks or falls off, clients will go in for a “fill” appointment to change the color of their nails. 

Are Gel Tips Better For Your Nails?

Consider gel tips if you are looking for a safer option for your natural nails. Gel tips do not contain any harmful or smelly chemicals. They do not require an electric file to remove the plastic fake nails, and instead use acetone, which may help your nails grow strong and healthy. They also come pre-shaped, so your nails don’t have to be filed down or shaped with an electric file. This also allows for a shorter nail appointment than acrylics, which require shaping and filing with an electric file. The electric fire can harm the nail bed and cause nicking if the nail technician is not careful and experienced. Gel tips are also great for beginners to the long nail game. If you are new to adding length and fake tips to your nails, gel tips are a great way to give you a more natural-looking length. 

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