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How To Choose The Right Massage For You

There are many massage options available, with more new ones populating. If you are new to massage, you may need to know which massage is right for you. When deciding on a massage service, each individual will have different deciding factors and interests. Choosing a massage based on your health goals is the best way to get a tailored massage to your needs. It also allows you to truly enjoy your massage from start to finish, getting a full, relaxing experience. Learn below how to choose the right massage for you by focusing on your health goals.

Choosing A Massage Based On Your Health Goals

Each client may be experiencing different pain points or massage types of interest. Learn some common massage motivations below to help you choose which massage to book for yourself next!

Trouble calming your busy mind?

Our minds often become overflowed with emotions, plans, and other thoughts. Give your mind a chance to relax with a massage catered to meditation and connecting your brain to your body. Try the massage for 38 Senses Massage, which focuses on customized guided meditation throughout the entire massage session. Touted as the best massage for Type A personalities, you’ll feel an extended break from the mental to-do list, and your body will relax on a deeper level. 

Trouble with insomnia?

Insomnia is no fun and can impact how you act and feel the following day. Are you struggling to fall asleep at night, stay asleep, or get a good quality sleep? Try the meditative massage that aids in training your nervous system to relax more easily, resulting in more restful nights. This Meditation Trainer has been shown to improve HRV, deep, light, and REM sleep cycles. 

Is your body holding on to past traumas? 

We’ve all been through hardships, both minor and severe. Some people are able to move on from their past much quicker than others. You can forget trauma, but your body frequently remembers long afterward. Lymphatic Drainage and Trauma Release Massage will move those trapped energies and emotions out of your body, resulting in less pain and PTSD. 

Are you experiencing anxiety or depression? 

If you want stress and anxiety relief, a massage is a great way to help you feel more relaxed. A massage catered to your nervous system, allowing you to feel relaxed and refreshed, is a great way to ease your anxiety and depression symptoms. Try a Fusion or Lomi Lomi Massage, which balances the nervous system and promotes circulation and gentle detoxification. You will be feeling relaxed and connected to your body in no time.

Did you have an injury, car accident, or other pain triggers? 

If you wonder if a massage can help alleviate pain after an injury, car accident, or other pain trigger, the answer is yes! Try our Clinical Massage, SRT, or Deep Fusion Massage options for active results and explanations for the pain/injury cycle you are experiencing. These massage techniques are catered to your individual needs and pain points. Clinical massages are great for targeting those tighter, more painful areas after a recent injury, car accident, or other pain trigger. An SRT massage, which scans the spine and tells your massage therapist where those “hot spots” are along your spine that need to be addressed, is excellent for pinpointing specific painful areas on the back. A deep fusion massage is also great for alleviating those chronic pain issues with a deeper massage therapy treatment.

Massage Therapy For Pain Relief and Relaxation in Wolfeboro, NH

Whether you want to feel pampered, relaxed, or relieved from pain, Ohm Lifestyle Center has a massage for you. Our massage therapists are the best in Wolfeboro and the surrounding New Hampshire area. We are committed to providing individualized massage and treatment plans to improve mobility and connection with your body. For help choosing the right massage for you, contact us at 603-515-9923 or learn more about each type of body and massage service we provide. 

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