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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Anxiety & Depression

Stress is a common emotional response everyone faces. If not managed properly, stress can overcome our everyday lives and impact how we look, feel, and act. Depression and anxiety are real and should be treated seriously. Fortunately, more and more advanced treatments are out there to help with depression and anxiety by easing some common symptoms. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used for various health benefits and conditions, including helping those suffering from anxiety and depression. HBOT involves a hyperbaric chamber where clients can enter and breathe in nearly-pure oxygen in a pressurized environment. This treatment is a no-contact service where clients are alone in their chamber and can lie down and relax, gaining the various benefits it provides. Learn below how HBOT can help if you suffer from anxiety and depression.  

How Does HBOT Help With Anxiety & Depression

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps with anxiety and depression by providing a safe and quiet place for clients to focus on breathing and relaxation. Learn below how HBOT helps anxiety and depression separately, and discover some relief with a session today. 

HBOT For Anxiety

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy exposes our bodies to pressurized levels of oxygen-rich air. As more oxygen is being flown throughout our bodies, it spreads through our circulatory system and tissues. This sends a signal to the body’s healing response system and helps our bodies to relax. High levels of oxygen can help reduce anxiety and stress because of the high levels in the brain. This creates a calming effect, and the stress and anxiety that has been felt will start to slow down and send over-relaxation to the whole body. 

HBOT For Depression

Like anxiety, when a client suffers from depression, the oxygen-rich air will calm the brain and neuronal functioning. With improved neural functioning, the stem cells and neurotransmitters are impacted, causing a balance in brain activity to even out chemicals produced in the brain. HBOT can show promising results as it helps calm the body and sharpen and clear the brain. It is great for boosting your mood and relaxing the body at the same time. 

Hyperbaric Chambers For Mental Health in Wolfeboro, NH

Ohm Lifestyle Center offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy that provides relief of anxiety and depression. It is easy to become overwhelmed and stressed in today’s busy world. At Ohm Lifestyle Center, we want to ease your worries and relieve stress with our health and wellness services. Give us a call at 603-515-9923 to learn more about our HBOT services.

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