hyperbaric oxygen therapy for hair growth & restoration

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Hair Growth

Recovering from hair loss can be upsetting and challenging whether you have a medical or genetic condition. Using oral supplements or vitamins may be slow in achieving the desired hair results. Luckily there are ways to restore your hair’s length and texture with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hair transplant surgery can be expensive and cause a tough recovery for clients. HBOT has been shown to help those who are suffering from hair restoration or are struggling to recover after a hair transplant has been performed. Learn below the advantages of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for your hair and scalp, and contact our team for more information!

What is HBOT, And How Does It Stimulate Hair Growth?

As you may know, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can treat various conditions, including improving skin elasticity, carbon monoxide poisoning, tissue healing, anti-aging properties, and other advantages for the body. In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, clients breathe in pure oxygen in a pressurized environment. HBOT involves a hyperbaric chamber that has high levels of oxygen that can easily be carried into the bloodstream and tissues. These tissues require oxygen to help perform day-to-day activities and functions. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy stimulates hair growth because, while inside the chamber, an increase in blood flow and oxygen can cause a speedy delivery to the scalp and skin, improving the health of those cells. This signals that the body needs to expedite healing and restore hair growth and skin elasticity. HBOT may also add essential vitamins to the scalp to help restore hydrated, dry, or irritated hair and scalp. 

HBOT For Hair Transplant Recovery

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides healing properties to the body and skin. If someone has recently gotten a hair transplant and is having a tough recovery, HBOT is highly recommended. HBOT helps those who have had hair transplant surgery and are looking for drug-free, low-risk, or side effects after surgery. HBOT eliminates complications after surgery, such as bleeding, infections, swollen scalps, or wounds. High amounts of oxygen pressure are highly effective at healing and restoring the body. An increase in oxygen, after frequent sessions, will improve recovery time and get clients back to a healthy and comfortable condition as before their surgery. 

Hair Restoration With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy At Ohm

Ohm Lifestyle Center in Wolfeboro, NH allows clients to stimulate and restore their hair. Hair replantation can be expensive, but with HBOT, clients can get positive results at a more affordable rate. The frequent use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Ohm will have your hair growing naturally after just a few sessions! Learn more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and its benefits for your appearance, health, and wellness. To get started with an HBOT session for hair growth, call us at 603-515-9923, or fill out our contact form

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