Hydrafacial Keravive For Hair Stimulation in Wolfeboro, NH

For men and women struggling with dry, irritated skin and scalp, we are excited to offer a new service to help soothe red and itchy skin. Our Hydrafacial Keravive treatment for hair stimulation is the perfect addition to your wellness journey. By stimulating hair growth, soothing skin, and removing buildup and dandruff, your scalp will be refreshed and as good as new! This unique treatment can be used both for a scalp facial or a beard care treatment that targets patchy beards and dry skin. Learn more about our hair stimulation service and how it can help you today!

Boost Scalp Health & Natural Hair Growth With Ohm!

How Does Keravive Work For Scalp Treatment & Hair Growth?

Hydrafacial’s Kerarvive treatment is an amazing service where men and women benefit from hair stimulation. Kerarvive works by purifying, nourishing, and boosting the scalp using a patented wand handpiece. It starts by stimulating the hair follicles with light exfoliation, cleansing them with peptides and hydration, and then boosting and stimulating hair growth with a peptide spray. This treatment can be used for both beard and scalp health in men and women.

What Can I Expect At My Head & Scalp Treatment?


Arrive to your treatment with dry hair. It can be clean or dirty just as long as it is dry and read for the treatment!


Prepare to discuss your hair concerns with your technician – (dry, itchy, dandruff, product buildup, etc.)


Lay down and relax as your technician performs the treatment. The treatment is painless & lasts around 30-60 minutes.


You will notice results and feel refreshed after just one session! Schedule your next two sessions for best results!

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Scalp Facials in Wolfeboro, NH

Are you looking for the best hair ever? Kerarvive is the perfect treatment to help you get there! Keravive stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth while removing building, dandruff, and any irritants from the scalp. Boosting scalp health has many benefits for your appearance and confidence. At Ohm Lifestyle Center, our team is committed to helping you achieve the latest wellness spa services in Wolfeboro, NH. Discover below the benefits of scalp facials with Keravive and whether or not it is the self-care treatment you are missing!

The Benefits of Head Spa Facials

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Removes Product Buildup

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Relieves Dandruff

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Stimulates Hair Growth

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Prevents Hair Loss/Thinning

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Removes Excessive Oils

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Adds Fullness/Thickness

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Makes Hair Shinier

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Promotes Good Scalp Health

Beard Facials in Wolfeboro, NH

Are you struggling with beard care at home and are looking for ways to enhance your appearance? Keravive for beard facials is the treatment your self-care routine may be missing! Facials are not just for women; they also have many amazing benefits for the men in our community. A beard facial is an essential part of a man’s lifestyle that can help them promote great beard health and growth. Say goodbye to struggling with a dry, irritated, or patchy beard with the help of our Keravive beard facial!

The Benefits of Beard Facials

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Relieves Irritated Skin

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Helps Patchy Beard

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Prevents Dandruff

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Thickens Your Beard

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Promotes Beard Growth

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Adds Moisture & Shine To Beard

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Targets Grey Hairs

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Triggers Melanin Production

Before and After Hydrafacial Keravive Treatment on Men & Women

FAQ About Hair Regeneration and Scalp Treatments

Hydrafacial Keravive treatments are ideal for men and women who struggle with dry, red, or irritated skin and scalp or are looking to stimulate hair growth. Clients gain various benefits from frequent Keravivie treatment sessions, including shinier hair, thicker hair, hair growth, oil and buildup removal, improved blood flow, and much more. Men who have a patchy beard, dry beard, or other irritation can also significantly benefit from Kerarive treatments. 

Poor scalp issues can be related to the changes in season, as our hair health is susceptible to various weather conditions. Skincare and scalp care are completely different, and both need attention to stay healthy. When our scalp is not properly cleansed and hydrated, it becomes dry, irritated, and flaky, and the hair becomes thin, lost, or even bald.

Both men and women of all ages are affected by scalp issues. Women may experience different scalp issues by trying new hair treatments or having a buildup of products. Men can also suffer from “scalp” issues on their beards, and beard care can be treated similarly to a scalp, as it must be hydrated and nourished to avoid itching and dandruff.

Hydrafacial’s Keravive can provide the best results when performed three times about a month apart. The treatment can be extended using a take-home product to ensure your scalp stays hydrated and cleansed to promote good hair and scalp health. Most clients will already notice a difference in how their scalp feels after one session.

A scalp treatment is fairly simple and fast. Depending on your personalized experience, it may last 30-60 minutes, depending on whether you choose a partial or full scalp service.

Hydrafacial Kerarvive treatments for scalp and beard care are noninvasive and will not hurt clients or make them uncomfortable. Most clients instead find them relaxing and soothing as they stimulate the head.

Schedule Your Head Facial or Beard Care Treatment With Keravive!

Ready to start your journey to good scalp care? Schedule an appointment at Ohm for a scalp facial or beard care treatment with our rejuvenating Keravive treatment by Hydrafacial! This treatment is pain-free and highly effective at removing buildup, reducing oil and dandruff, stimulating hair growth, and preventing thinning hair. If you are interested in this invigorating service or want to learn more to determine if it’s right for you, call us at 603-515-9923.

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