Boxed Services

We are expanding on our subscription box program to create specialized boxes featuring all the tips, tools and products you need to recreate massages and facials right in your own home.

Ohm Massage Box

Includes a variety of items to help you experience the benefits of massage right at home, including a Foam Roller, Foot Roller, Chloropyll Water and Custom Ohm-made Massage Oil. This kit will teach you the techniques of self-massage for at-home treatments.

Ohm Facial Box

Includes a variety of items and products for at-home treatments, including a Facial Roller and Eminence Organics Products for the following categories: Clear Skin (oily/acne-prone), Anti-aging and All Skin Types. This mini three-step program will allow you to be creative in your at-home treatments.

Ohm Manicure Box

The Ohm team hand-picked a variety of items, such as Nail Buffers and Ohm-made Cuticle Oil, Sugar Scrub and Lotion. This kit will help keep your nails healthy and prepare them for your next nail treatment.

Call us at 603-515-9923 to order by phone, contact us on our Facebook page or email for details. We will provide you with two delivery options: Mail or No-Contact Pick Up.

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