CryoSkin Services and Benefits in Wolfeboro, NH

Completely safe, painless and 100-percent effective, CryoSkin is a cutting-edge, non-invasive weight loss tool that reduces fat permanently and painlessly. Relying on a proven biological process, CryoSkin first warms the skin in targeted areas and then rapidly cools the skin, reducing fat cells permanently without harming surrounding tissue.

CryoSkin allows men and women to target specific problem areas to achieve immediate and permanent results. We can help you target the abdomen, things, hips, arms, upper back, love handles, and double chin. On average people experience a nearly 19-percent fat reduction in treated areas. The best part about CryoSkin is you’ll see results right away!

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You Can Get Immediate Fat-Loss Results With CryoSkin

Discover The Benefits Of CryoSkin

Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Say goodbye to disappointing fine lines and wrinkles on your face. With CryoSkin, you can obtain a natural looking face without the use of botox.

Achieve Firm and Tightened Skin

Get tightened and firm skin with CryoSkin! This treatment works hard to tighten and firm the skin with the use of hot and cold temperatures.

Experience Smoother Skin

A major perk of CryoSkin is soft, smooth skin. Each CryoSkin treatment will leave your legs, arms, stomach, or other body areas feeling soft and smooth.

Reduce Appearance of Cellulite

Cellulite can be extremely discouraging. Luckily, with CryoSkin you can reduce the appearance of cellulite on your body.

Permanently Eliminates Fat Cells

Many individuals struggle with the appearance of body fat. CryoSkin works to permanently eliminate fat on stubborn areas like your stomach, legs, and back.

Boost Your Self Confidence

One of the most important benefits of CryoSkin is the boost in self confidence! Our team wants to leave you feeling happy and empowered after each session.

Who Is A Candidate For CryoSkin?


The best candidates for CryoSkin are clients who are active and on a proper diet, but find themselves unable to lose weight or tone their bodies. CryoSkin is not an ideal option for clients who are overweight. It is best suitable for clients who have stubborn fat in areas and are looking for an effective way to remove it. The minimum age requirement for CryoSkin is 15 years old, and must have parent approval if under the age of 18. The ideal candidate must  NOT have Raynaud’s Syndrome, Cancer, Diabetes, or be pregnant. 

This therapy has been studied clinically and has been proven to show improvement in muscle recovery, fertility, neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, autism, jet lag, muscle and tendon injuries, cancer, stroke recovery, anxiety, and depression. Doctors use hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat a variety of ailments, including wound healing, severe anemia, brain injury, and embolisms. Research indicates hyperbaric oxygen therapy can actually reverse the aging process.

CryoSkin Services in Wolfeboro, NH


If you are looking to target fat cells and have a slimmer figure, CryoSlimming is the perfect option for you. CryoSlimming focuses on one part of the body at a time, typically the stomach, thighs, arms, and back. It is a painless and relaxing experience where the body is warmed and then cooled rapidly in a certain area of the body by using a wand. 


If you are looking to tighten and tone the skin, CryoToning is the perfect option for you. CryoToning uses a similar process to CryoSlimming to improve skin appearance and tighten loose skin. This noninvasive treatment is used with cold temperatures to smooth the skin, improve the texture and complexion of your skin, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


For obtaining a natural, youthful look, choose CryoFacial. CryoFacial eliminates fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. It is a natural alternative to Botox. CryoFacial uses cool temperatures to boost collagen and improve skin elasticity. CryoFacial is a non-invasive way to look younger, natural, and shine from the inside out!

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Before & After CryoSkin Results

Amazing results after just three sessions! This client came in wanting to target her abdomen and thighs. These before and after pictures show permanent results, with only three sessions done so far, of CryoSlimming on the abdomen and thighs. She is super happy with her results and is continuing on with her treatment!

before and after 3 sessions of cryoskin on stomach and legs

Pricing For CryoSkin in Wolfeboro

CryoSlimming- $350 (3o minute session)
CryoToning- $250 (30 minute session)
CryoFacial- $195 (30 minute session)

Consultation is required prior to service- $125

Frequently Asked Questions About CryoSkin

CryoSkin treatments are recommended to be spaced out by two week intervals. This waiting period is to ensure there is not an overload on the lymphatic system, as CryoSkin offers lymphatic drainage during each procedure. It also takes around 14 days for the fat cells to pass out of the client’s system.

In order to achieve your fat-loss goals and see the best results, it is recommended to have 5 CryoSkin sessions. Results will be noticeable as soon as the first session is completed.

Alongside the correct diet and exercise, CryoSkin offers permanent results for clients. The destroyed fat cells will not return, as long as new fat cells are not produced by gaining weight. Results can be seen immediately and improve each day after more sessions are performed.

CryoSkin offers cellulite and fat reduction around the stomach and other areas. CryoSlimming can help destroy the fat cells on the stomach and reduce the appearance of cellulite and loose skin. After several weeks, clients will notice a reduction of fat in their stomach as it cools off belly-fat leaving clients more confident after each session.

CryoSkin is an effective cosmetic procedure for reducing the appearance of a double-chin. CryoSkin works hard to tone the chin and jawline, while also destroying the fat cells. The combination of CryoSlimming and CryoToning is the perfect, painless way to achieve a more defined face and get rid of excess chin fat caused by weight gain.

No pain, No Surgery, Just Results

Say goodbye to love handles and cellulite! Give Ohm Lifestyle Center a call today, and see how we can improve your appearance and boost your confidence! For more information on our CryoSlimming, CryoToning, and CryoFacial services in Wolfeboro, NH, please fill out our form above or give us a call today at 603-515-9923.

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