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Float Room For Relaxation and Healing in Wolfeboro, NH

Ohm Lifestyle Center is proud to offer the largest, most versatile float room in the entire northeast! A float room is intended to help you pursue your best self by soothing, relaxing, and healing your body. Our float cabin accommodates two people in a sound and light-proof 8x8x8 space that features 12 inches of body temperature water, and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. Inside the float room, you have the ability to play music and adjust the LED lighting to whatever suits your mood. This allows your experience to be completely customized and unique to you! We also offer a lagoon feature, which creates the effect of floating beneath a starlit sky. Consider adding the float room to your wellness service, and discover how you can connect with your true inner self!

inside Ohm float room

How Does A Float Room Work?

Float rooms include a cabin with a tank where water is filled to skin temperature and saturated with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. This provides lightness to allow you to lay and float more easily. Clients will enter the tank nude, or in a bathing suit if more comfortable, and enter a world where you can relax without noise, light, or gravity. A float room lets you float and connect with your inner self, completely escaping outside stimulation. Call us now to learn more about our float room, and how it can extend your wellness journey.

Discover The Benefits of A Float Room


Chronic Pain

Blood Pressure

Deepens Meditation Practices

Improves Athletic Performance

Strengthens Immune System

Relieves Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Stimulates Creativity, & Accelerates Mental Clarity

Reduces Chronic Fatigue

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No Two People Are The Same;

Experience A Tailored Approach To Wellness

Float Room Packages & Pricing in Wolfeboro, NH

Single Float- $150 (6o minute float)
Double Float- $190(6o minute float)

Ohm Float Membership $150/Month

*Early Cancellation Fees Apply

Membership Includes:

  • 1 Float Session
  • Discounted Session Pricing- Additional floats cost $100 each
  • Complimentary Birthday Float

Platinum VIP Membership $185/Month

*Early Cancellation Fees Apply

Membership Includes:

  • 1 Float Session
  • 1 Amenity Area Session
  • Discounted Session Pricing- Additional floats cost $100 each and sauna $30 each
  • Complimentary Birthday Session of Choice

Frequently Asked Questions About Float Rooms

For first-time floaters, it is recommended you float for 60-90 minutes. As you become more experienced and comfortable with floating, you may be able to up your time to two or more hours. Every body is different, and some may find the 60-90 minutes are effective for them.

Float Rooms are not recommended for those with epilepsy, kidney disease, low blood pressure, contagious diseases, open wounds, or skin ulcers. Those who are claustrophobic should also steer away from using a float room as it may not be a  suitable space for you.

Nothing! A float session requires nothing but yourself. The spa will have towels, showers, and any other accessories you may need for your session. The float cabin is in a private room so you are able to float nude, or bring a bathing suit if your prefer.

Every client’s body is different and requires different things. Many clients reach the benefits they need by using a float room two times a week. Some people may require more or less a week depending on their reasons for using a float tank. For some, twice a week for a few months is plenty to achieve their wellness goals.

De-stress, Heal, and Find Balance in Our Float Room

Our float room allows you to have a completely unique experience. If you are looking to improve mental clarity, deepen meditation practices, soothe arthritis & inflammation, reduce blood pressure, and many other wellness benefits, consider our float room today! Come shut out the world for an hour and lay back, easing and floating away your stress. 

Learn more about our float room by giving us a call today at 603-515-9923.

Inside the Float Room

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