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Haircut & Styling Services in Wolfeboro, NH

Ohm Lifestyle Center is more than a health and wellness spa. We are also an experiential salon. We offer clients a high-end haircut experience with a customizable styling atmosphere. Our professional and licensed hair stylists will work with their skills and consult with you to figure out what look you are striving to achieve. Ohm Lifestyle Center is committed to the pursuit of happiness and your best lifestyle. We offer hair shaping and dimensional coloring services for both men and women, high-end and professional extension and smoothing services, as well as lash and brow tint services. Feel and look amazing as you leave your hair appointment with your stylish new-do!

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Dynamic, Dimensional, True-To-You Hairstyles

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At Ohm Lifestyle Center, we want to create hairstyles that are unique and completely customized to your personality! We understand everyone’s hair is different. Our team is committed to making sure you love your hair each and every day. Take a look below at our hair shaping, color, and styling services for men and women in Wolfeboro, NH.

Women’s Styling and Color Services

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Full Foil & Cut

$125 and up

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Special Color

Oway Organic: $125 and up; consult required Corrective Color: consult required

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Perm & Cut

$70 and up

Men's Styling and Color Services

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$45 and up

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Color & Cut

$90 and up

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No Two People Have The Same Hair;

Experience A Completely Customized Hair Appointment 

Hair Extensions & Professional Smoothing Services in Wolfeboro, NH

Hair Extensions

Looking to add more length and volume to your thin, short hair!? Check out our hair extensions below!

Length : *contact for pricing

Fullness : * contact for pricing

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Keratin Treatments

Looking to get rid of frizzy, unruly hair!? Check out our Keratin smoothing treatments below!


Keratin Professional Smoothing : *contact for pricing

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High-End Salon Experience At Ohm

Clients who book a service any of the following high-end salon services will receive a complimentary glass of champagne or cup of espresso at their appointment. That’s just our way of thanking you for being a valued client at Ohm and for experiencing a new version of you!

  • Professional Smoothing Services
  • Dynamic Color Services
  • Brazilian Blowout Services
  • Hair Extension Services

Professional Lash & Brow Tints

Ohm Lifestyle Center’s licensed estheticians proudly offer lash & brow tint services for men and women in Wolfeboro, NH. This beauty procedure provides clients the ease and convenience of not using mascara or need to fill in their eyebrows. Our skilled estheticians will professional tint your eye lashes and brows with semi-permanent dye, making them darker and appear more full! Contact us for more information on this professional cosmetic service.

Lash & Brow Tint: $15 and up

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Experience Darker, Fuller Lashes & Brows

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair & Styling Services

The best part about keratin treatments is that they can last up to 6 months. When maintained properly, Keratin treatments provide clients with frizz-free, straighter, and easy to maintain hair for up to half a year! Enjoy the smoothing and taming benefits of Keratin treatments without worrying how to deal with your hair on hot and humid days!

Along with the beloved benefits a Keratin treatment offers clients, it is important to perform upkeep to ensure your Keratin is healthy and lasts a long time. Keratin treatments require clients to not wash their hair for at least 48-72 hours after the treatment is performed. The longer you can wait, the better the results will be as the treatment can be fully absorbed and not washed out after application. Keratin treatments also require clients to not use any shampoo, conditioner, or other hair products that may contain sulfates in the ingredients. Sulfates shorten the life-span of keratin treatments, so in order to maintain the treatment, avoid any sodium-sulfate ingredients in certain hair products. 

Tinted eyebrow and eyelash services last for about a month. The tinting procedure lasts for 15 minutes and once the treatment is done, the color will slowly start to fade over time. This can depend on your hair type, beauty products, and how well you care for your face, eyes and brows. Our eyelashes and brow hairs naturally fall out overtime, so the fullness and darkness of the tinting will also gradually fade in about a month’s time.

A partial foil treatment is when half the head is being highlighted. The hair on the top of the head is typically the area that is being colored during a partial foil. A full foil treatment is when color is applied to the full head. Full foils include highlighting underneath the hair, so when the hair is pulled up, the color can be seen throughout.

Hair extensions have many benefits for clients. They can hide split ends for those who have spilt, grown out hair. They also let clients completely change up their hairstyle by adding different lengths, colors, and texture to their hair. Hair extensions are easy to style hair and look and feel close to natural hair when perfectly matched and inserted by your stylist!

Look and Feel Amazing at Ohm Lifestyle Center

If you’re looking to change up your look and feel amazing when you look in the mirror, visit Ohm Lifestyle Center today! We are an experiential salon offering dynamic hair cuts, high-end hair services and treatments, and dimensional color services for both men and women. Get ready to look and feel amazing as soon as you leave our doors! Give us a call today at 603-515-9923 for one of our haircut & styling appointments in Wolfeboro, NH!

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