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Nails, Waxing, & Special Occasion Services in Wolfeboro, NH

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Ohm Lifestyle Center helps to bring out your beauty and personality with our nails, waxing, and special occasion services. Our team of trained, expert nail technicians and estheticians give you the attention, care and detail you deserve. We provide regular manicures, shellac manicures, and pedicures to clients who are looking to relax, add some color, and fun to their nails. Our estheticians are experts with wax. They provide clients with professional brow shaping, leg wax, Brazilian & bikini wax, and other facial and body waxing services. Get rid of unwanted hair and discover the benefits of low-maintenance hair removal with Ohm.

If you have a special occasion coming up, and are looking to get your hair and makeup done, we have you covered! Our hair and makeup services for proms, bridal parties, and other special occasions are completely unique to you! We help bring out your true inner beauty, and work to highlight and define your features, without looking overdone! Learn more about our nails, waxing, and special occasion services below, and see how Ohm Lifestyle Center can boost your confidence!

Professional Manicures & Pedicures in Wolfeboro, NH

If you’re looking to brighten up your nail-game and show off your personality, our nail technicians can help! They have the skills and techniques to shape your nails and design them however you want. Our spa offers various types of manicure and pedicure options. Take a look below, and request an appointment with our expert nail technicians today!


Ohm Lifestyle offers nail services that best suit your needs! Whether your looking for just a color change or a shellac manicure, we’ve got you covered! Choose from a variety of colors & designs, and watch your nails come alive!


Ohm Lifestyle wants you to relax and unwind with our pedicure services. Sit back as we clean your nails and paint them to bring our your true personality! Choose from a variety of colors, and watch our nail technicians work their magic!

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Say Goodbye To Unwanted Hair With Brow Shaping & Waxing Services

At Ohm Lifestyle Center, we are all about living care-free and spending more time doing the things we love! We want to provide our clients with a low-maintenance hair-removal option. We offer various types of facial and body waxing services in Wolfeboro, NH that not only remove body hair, but slow down the hair growth. Our waxing services allow you to spend less time having to shave, and more time conquering the world! Take a look at our professional waxing services, and book your appointment with Ohm today!

Facial Waxing Services in Wolfeboro, NH

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Jawline/side of face: $20+
Full Face: $32+

Body Waxing Services in Wolfeboro, NH

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Half Leg: $50+
Full Leg: $80+

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Discover The Benefits Of Regular Waxing

Less Hassle

Shaving can be more of a nuisance than we would like. With waxing, your hair will grow back at a slower, thinner rate. This allows you to spend less time shaving and more time living!

More Sanitary

Razor blades can be extremely unsanitary if used on different parts of the body, and not replaced regularly. With waxing, it is a more sanitary hair removal process that doesn’t risk cutting yourself, which could lead to an infection.

Various Wax Options

Waxing can be performed in various ways for different areas of the body. There is waxing with a strip, no strip, and sugar waxing to give customers the most comfortable and effective waxing option for their body.

No Stubble

Waxing gets down right to the root of the hair, unlike shaving that can leave rough stubble behind. When the hair grows back between sessions, it's thinner and takes longer to grow back.

Smoother Skin

With no stubble to be left behind, it allows your body to be left smoother and silkier than regular shaving. Waxing leaves the body smoother than shaving with a razor ever could.

Boosted Confidence

Waxing allows you to feel more confident in your own skin! You can worry less about having to shave or having hair in uncomfortable places. You can enjoy your summers and vacations being hair-free and care-free!

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Prom, Bridal, & Special Occasion Hair and Makeup Services

Ohm Lifestyle Center happily offers our clients professional hair and makeup services for prom, bridal parties, or other special occasions. We want to help you look your best on the days that we will look back on the most! Take a look at our special occasion hair and makeup services in Wolfeboro, NH, and contact us to schedule your appointment!

Special Occasion Services & Pricing in Wolfeboro, NH

Frequently Asked Questions About Nails & Waxing Services

Last sessions typically last 3-6 weeks. Once you have a wax session you can expect the hair to grow back within 3-4 weeks. The time it takes to grow back, and how long to wait in between sessions can depend on your hair growth, but many clients can expect to last up to 6 weeks between wax sessions.

The more times you wax, the thinner your hair will grow back. Waxing works to weaken the hair follicle which results in thinner and slower hair growth. Many clients who have been waxing for a plethora of years, wll notice their hair takes a while to grow back and is thinner and lighter over time. For some, the hair may not even grow back at all.

Waxing has many advantages and benefits over shaving. Waxing gets the right to the root of the hair follicle, providing a smoother and cleaner hair removal than shaving. There is no stubble or cut marks with waxing services, and they leave your skin feeling smooth and radiant. Waxing also lasts much longer than shaving, and has a longer lasting reduction of hair compared to using a razor. Waxing allows for clients who are swimmers or models to feel confident in their skin as they can enjoy the many benefits and long lasting effects of waxing for hair removal.

Unlike laser hair removal or traditional shaving, body waxing requires clients to grow out their hair to a certain length before their session. This is not true for eyebrow shaping, or any other facial waxing services. For body waxing such as arms, underarms, and bikini, the hair must be at least ¼ inch long, but no longer than ½ an inch. This will allow for the client to get the best results and the smoothest, cleanest hair removal.

Shellac is a great option for clients who don’t want to chip their nail polish with just regular polish. Shellac nails can last up to 14-21 days without chipping. Shellac polish helps to strengthen your nails and grow them longer in between appointments. Clients no longer need to worry about smudging their nails from their everyday activities such as working, cleaning, cooking, and so on. 

Many clients assume shellac can ruin and scrape their nails. With proper removal and maintenance of shellac nails by a nail technician, your nails can avoid getting ruined. If you take off your own shellac manicure without proper removal methods and tools, your nails can become frail, thin, and weak. Professional nail technicians can help you avoid this, with proper shellac removal.

Bring Out Your Beauty & Confidence With Ohm

Let Ohm Lifestyle Center help you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin! Whether you are looking to get your hair and makeup done for a special event, or want to look and feel good for yourself with a nail and waxing appointment, we can help you. Give us a call to learn more about our nails, waxing, and special occasion makeup services, or to schedule an appointment. 

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