Plason Facial Treatments For Acne in Wolfeboro, NH

Ohm Lifestyle Center is so excited to be offering Plason facial treatments to the Wolfeboro and surrounding Lakes Region community! We understand that your physical appearance is what helps you feel confident and beautiful on your wellness journey. Not every client is blessed with beautiful, flawless skin, which is why our team is committed to helping you get there. Our Plason treatment is a painless, quick, and proven effective treatment that helps clients who struggle with acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and more. Learn more about Plason below, how it can help you, and contact us for more for a consultation today!

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Target Acne, Rosacea, Wrinkles, & Redness With Plason

What is A Plason Facial Treatment Used For?

Treats Acne

Say goodbye to stubborn acne and redness with Plason facials. Frequent treatments eliminate bacteria and debris on the skin and help promote clearer skin in the future. Plason is a simple & painless acne solution.

Treats Rosacea

Plason's therapeutic properties help clients treat other skin concerns such as rosacea. Frequent treatments help reduce redness of the skin and promote clearer, more beautiful appearance.

Promotes Hydration

A major perk of Plason facial treatments is the added hydration the skin receives. Not only does it help with acne & rosacea, but it addresses other skin concerns such as fine lines & wrinkles while promoting hydration.

Who Is A Candidate For Plason?

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Those who are searching for softer, more hydrated skin that their skincare routine cannot give them are the perfect candidate for Plason. Plason facials are targeted to treat hyperpigmentation, redness, wrinkles, and other skin impurities with its advanced plasma technology. Plason is also an ideal treatment for those who are struggling with acne or rosacea. Plason treatments completely trap and eliminate the dirt or bacteria on the skin that can help those who are suffering from rosacea or acne visibly in just one or two treatments. Plason is one of the longest lasting facial treatments on the market that can give just about any client the more hydrated and clearer skin that they are looking for!

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Pricing For Plason Facial Treatments in Wolfeboro

Plason Facial $250
Plason Treatment $195

Consultation is required prior to service

Frequently Asked Questions About Plason

Plason acne treatment uses an advanced FDA-registered device to trap and remove dirt and debris on the skin. Plason penetrates the dermis and not only sucks out the bacteria but prevents future bacteria and breakouts from popping up in the near future. Plason acne treatments eliminate sebum production which can clog the pores and cause acne and other skin impurities to occur on the skin. Plason is a highly effective and safe treatment for acne and those with acne prone skin.

Plason facial treatments offer no side effects or downtime for clients. Plason is a non-ablative treatment that doesn’t damage the skin or tissue, and may only leave slight redness after treatment in some patients. This is rare and will disappear in about 20 minutes for patients.

One of the greatest benefits of Plason facial treatments is that it is the longest lasting facial service! Clients can expect their results to be seen in just one or two sessions with the results lasting a while until the next session. Clients can expect to book sessions every 3-4 weeks to keep their results lasting longer. The length of your results will depend on each individual client and should be discussed with your skin care professional before treatment.

A Plason facial treatment is completely painless! Many clients enjoy the feeling as it can be soothing and relaxing as the wand is gently moved across the face, removing any bacteria and debris from the skin.

From general skincare benefits to targeting more stubborn impurities, Plason facial treatments are safe for all skin types and clients! Those who are looking for a way to treat acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and other impurities on the skin can significantly benefit from a Plason facial treatment. If you are looking for added hydration and clear skin you can also benefit as Plason helps stimulate the skin’s surface, improves overall appearance, and hydrates the skin. Plason also tightens and brightens the skin giving clients more confidence in their natural appearance.

Before and After Plason Treatment

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Achieve Clearer, More Radiant, Skin With Ohm Lifestyle Center

Ohm Lifestyle is committed to helping clients pursue their best self; and that starts with being more confident! If you struggle with acne, and are looking for a new way to clear up your skin, our Plason treatment can help. For more information, and whether or not its right for you, give us a call at 603-515-9923.

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