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Services To Connect With Your Partner At Ohm

Ohm Lifestyle Center is committed to helping couples and individuals on their health and wellness journey. Our team is honored to offer various services and treatments that are designed for individuals and can be catered to each unique couple. Ohm wants to help you and your loved one connect and unwind together this Valentine’s Day and winter season. Learn more about our services that treat you and your partner, and contact our team to experience mindfulness together.

Couples Massage Therapy

A couples massage is a unique and intimate experience where couples can experience a massage at the same time. Whether you and your partner choose the same massage treatment or are looking for different treatments, Ohm offers something for everyone. We know you and your partner may have experienced various levels of stress, pain, and areas of tension, which is why we offer a catered massage experience for each of you. Our massage therapists work to make your experience different yet feel connected to your loved one at the same time. Learn more about the massage therapy options you and your partner can choose from, and schedule your appointment for restfulness together.

The Benefits of A Couples Massage

There are many amazing benefits of a couples massage. Similar to a traditional individual massage, couples can experience rest, relaxation, and a sense of connectivity to their mind, body, and soul. A couples massage will relieve stress and anxiety while promoting a better attitude and well-being. A couples massage takes the benefits of a massage one step further; couples can also experience an improved connection with their partner and increased intimacy with one another. A couples massage is a therapeutic bonding experience for couples and can help heal issues in their relationship. Schedule a couples massage at Ohm and experience a strong bond between you and your partner!

Couples Float Therapy

Ohm Lifestyle Center offers the largest, most versatile float room in the entire Northeast! Our float cabin can accommodate up to two people at once, making it the perfect, most intimate experience for couples. Inside our float room, you can customize it to how you and your partner want it. This includes the color of lights and music that fits your current mood. When you and your partner step into our float room, you can eliminate the outside world and your busy plans and schedules. This is a time when you two can relax together and focus on the present moment, forgetting the past or future. Learn more about our float room at Ohm and schedule a session in our amenity area today.

The Benefits of A Couples Float Room Session

A float room session provides amazing benefits for couples. Float rooms are great for reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, healing wounds, deepening meditation practices, strengthening the immune system, and many other amazing health benefits. For couples, they get to experience those benefits and more! Couples will experience an improved mood, better sleep, and a sense of connectivity to their partner. After the float session, couples can enjoy a meal or activity together as they will feel happy and relaxed. Float therapy has been reported to make clients feel like they’ve been lifted into the clouds.

Request A Couples Massage & Wellness Service At Ohm

Ready to improve intimacy and affection between you and your partner? Schedule your appointment for a couples massage or couples float at Ohm. Our caring team is here to make your experience as pleasant and unique as possible. When you and your partner enter our doors, you can eliminate the outside world and focus on what really matters: you. Our spa is designed to be relaxing, therapeutic, and completely unlike any other spa. Our services run deeper than the skin level and help heal your body, mind, and soul. Contact us today to learn more about our services for couples in New Hampshire. 

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