Bernadine Kosowicz pelvic floor specialist at Ohm


Bernadine was drawn to being a Pelvic Floor Specialist because her own personal journey with high risk pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Through this and her dedication to helping people return to the things they love, she became dedicated to helping people of all ages optimize their pelvic health.

Bernadine has over 25 years of experience in a variety of rehabilitation settings specializing in treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. She attended Northeast University as an undergraduate in Physical Therapy and continued her education at San Jose State University in California for a degree in Occupational Therapy. She has certifications in pelvic floor therapy, lymphedema and maya abdominal massage.

You can expect a client-centered, holistic and integrative approach to pelvic health and wellness. Your treatment may include a variety of manual therapy techniques, maya abdominal therapy, behavioral therapy, therapeutic exercise, modalities including electrical stimulation, heat/ice and neuromuscular re-education including the use of biofeedback to restore the body’s balance, improve symptoms and reduce the need for medications and surgery.




Women’s Pelvic Health
● Pregnancy and Postpartum
● Post Menopausal Conditions
● Complex Pelvic Pain
● Female Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Medical conditions often associated with female pelvic floor dysfunction include:
● Bowel and Bladder Control/Continence
● Pelvic Pain Syndromes including vaginismus, chronic pelvic pain syndrome,
● Pain with sex/intimacy
● Pelvic Girdle Pain (sacroiliac, pubic symphysis dysfunction)
● Endometriosis and Interstitial Cystitis
● Heavy or painful periods/Dysmenorrhea
● Recurring Ovarian Cysts or Bladder Infections
● Post-surgical conditions (Episiotomy, C-section, Hysterectomy preparation and
● Pelvic Organ Prolapse
● Diastasis Recti
● Coccydynia/Traumatic Falls

Men’s Pelvic Health
● Bladder Control (Incontinence, incomplete bladder emptying & post-void dribble)
● Bowel Dysfunction including constipation, IBS and incontinence
● Pelvic Pain Syndromes including prostatitis and neuralgia
● Sexual Dysfunction including pain with ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
● Coccydynia/Traumatic Falls
● Post-surgical conditions including prostatectomy and hernia repair

Bernardine and her husband live in Wolfeboro. Their greatest joy is spending time with their children and grandchildren—and enjoying lake life. They love the outdoors and can be found gardening, skiing, snow shoeing, hiking and kayaking depending on the season. Additionally, they love travel and all Boston sports!

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