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The Benefits of Facials For Mature Skin

While you may think it’s too little too late to get your skin the help it needs, you are wrong. As an older man or woman, your skin can still benefit from facial treatments just the way it does for a client in their 20s. Although your collagen production has declined, and your skin may not look as tight and elastic as it once had, there are still various facial treatments that can give your skin some relief and provide amazing benefits for its appearance and texture. Discover below how facials can help your mature skin and leave you feeling confident and refreshed.

Understanding Your Mature Skin

Mature skin is often found on clients in their late 40s and onward. Their skin often shows fine lines, reduced elasticity, age spots, sun spots, and decreased collagen. It’s important first to understand why your skin is mature and unique compared to those younger than you. Once you understand your common skin concerns and impurities, finding the right facial to target will be much easier. Many mature skin clients may seek hydration, exfoliation, and other tailored techniques to hydrate their skin and maintain health and radiance. Perhaps underlying causes bring your skin to its current condition, or maybe you need to avoid certain environmental factors or irritating products. However your mature skin appears, it’s essential to first understand your unique skin so you can better help it thrive.

How Facials Can Help Mature Skin

With that being said, there are still many facials that can help mature skin look radiant and beautiful. Facials help target common concerns for mature skin and, most importantly, address elasticity and dryness. Targeted facial treatments will cleanse and hydrate immensely, as well as target certain aging spots or pores on the face. Your esthetician will discuss your facial treatment and any skin care they will be using during your treatment and make recommendations for when you leave our doors. Similar to facials for normal skin, mature facials will cleanse, boost circulation, promote collagen production, and exfoliate to promote cell renewal. Aside from the physical benefits, facials for mature skin will continue to relieve stress and anxiety, relax, and restore confidence as your skin looks as beautiful and glowing as it was in your younger years!

Hydrafacials For Mature Skin

Hydrafacials are a unique 4 in 1 facial treatment that we offer. Many clients choose a Hydrafacial as they can get a refreshing facial that targets almost every concern they have. Hydrafacials target dry skin, aging skin, acne, clogged pores, and other common skin impurities you may have. These facials benefit young and mature skin, making them the ultimate facial treatment. A Hydrafacial starts by cleansing, exfoliating, using a chemical peel, and then immensely hydrating the face with special products. For those with mature skin, a Hydrafacial allows your skin to get all it may need completely. From exfoliating to hydrating, mature skin can benefit from this targeted treatment. Learn more about Hydrafacials at Ohm and the benefits they provide!

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