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The Health Benefits of A Regular Body Massage

Getting a massage is more than just a peaceful and relaxing experience. Some studies show a
regular massage can have added health benefits to your lifestyle. When a licensed massage
practitioner works out any knots in your back and provides you with some me-time, they also
improve your beauty, happiness, and relaxation. While you are enhancing your peace and
spiritual health, your body is getting some added benefits to your mental health and
appearance. Regular body massages help increase blood flow, improving your skin tone and
reducing aging so you can stay beautiful and youthful! Regular massages also release happy
and calm hormones, such as endorphins and serotonin, to relieve stress or anxiety. A regular
massage can also improve your sleep by helping you relax and prepare for the night. Aside from
these commonly known benefits, many added benefits for your health may surprise you. Learn
below the top five health benefits of regular body massages, and discover how to improve your
best self!

Top 5 Health Benefits of Regular Body Massages

According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), the five top health benefits of
regular body massages are below.

Increase Immune Function

When you book an appointment for a regular body massage, you are giving your body a chance
to boost and strengthen your immune system. When you receive a massage, the body is calm
and at rest, releasing endorphins and reducing cortisol production. This signals to the body that
you are relaxed, and it aids in improving and increasing your immunity condition to keep you
healthy and fighting off viruses. Massage therapy increases our white blood cell activity to help
fight off infection. During a regular body massage, increasing blood flow allows us to get rid of
toxins and sicknesses inside our bodies, allowing us to feel healthy inside and out!

Enhance Physical Fitness

You may not know that booking your regular body massage can help enhance your physical
activity. Athletes looking to improve their athletic game and performance require body massage
therapy to get them there. Regular massages reduce muscle tension, help prevent injuries, and
improve and enhance exercise performance. Many professional athletes turn to massage
therapy to help them stretch out and feel loose after a challenging workout or performance.
Clients who are not athletes can also benefit from massages. If you enjoy working out or going
to the gym on your own time, regularly scheduled massages can help you feel good and ready
to work out! Clients can feel good about their workouts with increased circulation, improved
tissue function, and reduced muscle stiffness. Massages help enhance the range of motion for
clients who are professional athletes to regular workout lovers.

Reduce Chronic Pain

Reducing chronic pain in clients is a significant health benefit of regular body massages. Many
clients suffer from migraines, muscle pain, recovering from an injury, and much more. Pain can
take a toll on our everyday life, causing days to sometimes be unbearable with no treatment.
Those who suffer from migraines know they can negatively impact their daily life. Luckily with
massage therapy, clients are finding natural pain relief without medications. Massages relieve
happy hormones, which act as a natural pain reliever and an easy and enjoyable way to
manage pain. Other injuries from sports, post-surgery, or muscle pain can also find pain
management strategies through regular body massages. They relieve tightness from the body
and release calm and happy endorphins. If you suffer from chronic pain and are looking for a
new way to alleviate your symptoms, turn to regular massage therapy.

Improve Mental Health

As mentioned earlier, relaxation and stress relief are two ways to improve our mental health.
With regular body massages, anxiety and depression have been shown to decline as the body
releases serotonin and endorphins. Massage therapy can also be used for seasonal affective
disorder and depression. This mood disorder occurs when the seasons change, and there is
less sunlight, or often when holidays are over. Many people become depressed, uninterested in
engaging with others, tired, and lethargic during this time, which usually occurs around the
same time each year. Regular body massages have decreased these signs and symptoms of
seasonal affective disorder and depression. Clients are becoming more relaxed, stress-free, and
ready to engage and go out again. With a combination of body massage therapy and other
treatments, clients can live a less anxious lifestyle and have an improved mood!

Increase Flexibility

Scheduling a regular massage can help your body become more flexible and increase your
range of motion. During a body massage, your body becomes more relaxed and less tense.
Some clients are unable to touch their toes. Still, with regular body massages, they will later
have an improved range of motion and flexibility, allowing them to reach their toes easily. A body
massage manipulates the soft tissue in your body, allowing you to improve your joint range of
motion and become more flexible. Body massage is also used to help clients in rehabilitation
stretch and strengthen their bodies, getting them back to their feet again. Relieving those
endorphins and serotonin while becoming more active and flexible allows clients to live their
best life!

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