Hydrafacial Keravive For Hair Stimulation in Wolfeboro, NH​

What Is A Scalp Facial?

Facials are a beloved treatment for self-care and improving the appearance of your skin, but what about giving your scalp some TLC!? A scalp facial is a great way to give your head the same level of care with some added benefits! A scalp facial treatment will help remove product buildup from shampoos, hair products, and other dirty and pollution buildup that you may not even be aware of on your head. Regular hair washing and hair treatments won’t always cut it, and an added scalp facial treatment may be just what you need.

A scalp facial is designed to exfoliate, deep clean, stimulate, and hydrate your scalp, similar to a facial for the face. This not only removes buildup and dandruff, but it will also hydrate your hair and promote hair growth. Whether you have recently lost weight and are suffering from thin hair, are on medications, or have another condition where hair thinning and loss are a concern, a scalp facial is an extremely beneficial treatment to add to your wellness routine. Scalp facials will also make future hair products and treatments better absorbed as there is less buildup and excessive oil on your head!

The Benefits of A Scalp Facial

Scalp facials have an array of benefits for your hair and skin health. You can experience stronger, healthier hair in no time by eliminating excessive oil and buildup in the scalp! Below are some of the amazing benefits a scalp facial can provide for clients who add this treatment to their wellness rotation.
● Stronger, thicker hair
● Fuller hair
● Hair growth
● Removes buildup
● Removes excess oil
● Eliminates dandruff
● Allows future products to be better absorbed
● Encourages blood circulation
● Prevents hair loss or hair thinning

Who Needs A Scalp Facial?

There are many reasons why someone may need or want a scalp facial. Scalp facials are great for the average client who is curious about the treatment and wants to experience some of the amazing benefits they provide! A scalp facial can also be highly beneficial for those who may have conditions where their hair is thinning or falling out. For instance, those on certain medications or recently losing weight may find their hair to thin. A scalp facial will stimulate hair growth and promote noticeable thicker and fuller hair in just a few sessions! A scalp facial can also be used on the beard and is beneficial for men who are looking for effective beard care. This service can promote thicker, fuller beards and fix patchy beards or irritations on the skin. A scalp facial will promote relaxation and prevent or treat common skin or hair concerns that both men and women may find on their heads or beards!

How Often Should A Scalp Facial Be Done?

Depending on your scalp’s condition and goals, the frequency of your facial treatment may vary. Similar to a facial for the skin, they can be done monthly or weekly, depending on each client. Too much stimulation of the scalp when not necessary can result in an overly dry scalp and the production of more oil, which will have the reverse effect on your hair. Finding the perfect balance and happy medium of treatments can be discussed with your technician so you can find the most notable benefits of your scalp treatment!

Head Spa and Scalp Facial Treatments At Ohm Lifestyle Center

Ohm Lifestyle Center is a full-service organic wellness spa and head spa offering unique spa services. We are excited to bring this amazing new Keravive head spa and beard facial treatment service to the Wolfeboro community. Remove unwanted buildup and stimulate hair growth for your scalp and beard so you can have thick and full hair! Learn more about this amazing facial service and schedule your appointment today.

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