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What To Expect During Massage Therapy

If it’s your first time having a massage, you may have some questions before your appointment. Your first massage appointment may seem nerve-wracking, but with the right massage therapist and calming atmosphere, massage therapy is great for self-care and stress relief. There are a few things to consider before your appointment so that you can enjoy every minute of your massage experience. Caring for your body and taking time for yourself daily is important to ensure you move forward mentally, physically, and spiritually. Incorporating a regular massage into your everyday lifestyle will significantly benefit your overall health. Learn below what you can expect during massage therapy to enjoy the whole experience!

Preparing For Your Massage Appointment

Before you schedule your massage appointment, shopping around online and finding a massage therapist and spa that works for you is essential. You should also book with a licensed massage therapist who is insured. This will ensure that you are safe and comfortable at your appointment. If you are looking for a trusted recommendation, ask a friend or family member where they go for a massage, so you know what to expect from someone you know and trust. Next, choose the type of massage that is right for you. There are tons of massage types out there, some catering to certain types of the body or conditions. Massage types include a Swedish massage with light pressure, a Deep Tissue massage with deeper pressure and trigger point therapy, or a Hot Stone massage with warmed stones to soothe and loosen muscles during your massage. These are just a few of the various types of massages, but determining which massage is right for you can be consulted with your massage therapist and the areas you may be interested in targeting. The length of your massage is also important to consider, as massages can be anywhere from 30-90 minutes. 

During Your Massage

Now that you are prepared for your massage appointment, it is important to understand what you can expect on the day of your visit. When you arrive at your spa, they may have you check in and fill out any paperwork or health or personal information. Your massage therapist will then greet you and take you to the room where you will lie on the table. They will ask you to put on a robe or towel after you undress to a comfortable level. They will next review some additional information on what you can expect and the areas they will treat first. Some massage therapists will have you lay face up at first or face down, massage your head, and work their way down. Depending on your massage therapist and the massage you chose, the order may be different. Once you are comfortable and the massage has begun, you will become more comfortable and more relaxed as the session progresses. Finding time to focus on breathing, relaxing, and unwinding is beneficial, as this hour or so of time is dedicated to yourself. 

After Your Massage Appointment

Once your massage appointment ends, it’s time to relax. Your body has just been completely loosened and alleviated as your muscles have been worked on and your lymphatic system has been drained. You may feel a little sleepy or dizzy as your body is processing the state of relaxation it has just experienced. If it is your first time getting a massage, your body may need some time to rest and take it easy as it is experiencing an overall tranquil experience. After you leave the spa, try not to take on any excessive stress or do anything too crazy. Keeping the body at peace and relaxed is important to extend your massage therapy further. Sit back on the couch and remember to hydrate the body with plenty of water and nutrients. Find time to close your eyes and focus on a mind-body connection, similar to the same experience during your massage session. It is crucial to get a good night’s rest after your appointment and you will notice that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

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