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How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits The Skin

If you’re not familiar with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), it’s a treatment where clients lay in a pressurized chamber to breathe in pure oxygen. There are many benefits of HBOT from relaxation, muscle recovery, stress and anxiety relief, and even benefits for the skin. Nowadays, some clients are always looking for ways to improve their skin’s appearance and naturally reduce visible signs of aging. HBOT can help clients achieve just that with the benefits of skin rejuvenation. Learn more about the amazing skin benefits HBOT provides clients and how to schedule your appointment today!

Amazing Skin Benefits From Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The increased levels of pure oxygen flow through the body allow for impressive skin improvements. Improve your skin with these three benefits of HBOT below!

Elasticity and Collagen Production

For anti-aging benefits, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a great option. HBOT can effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin and, with regular sessions, stimulate collagen production and elasticity, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As we age, collagen levels decline, which is an important component of reducing physical signs of aging. This also plays a key role in skin elasticity. HBOT helps clients tighten their skin and increase their levels of collagen. 

Formation of New Skin Cells

HBOT chambers can promote the formation of new skin cells. When clients lay in a hyperbaric chamber, it stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. By encouraging new blood vessels to grow, the skin can significantly improve, whether the appearance of glowing skin or healing wounds on the skin. HBOT adds higher levels of oxygen to the body, which is needed to enhance the function of growing new skin cells.

Eliminating Toxins From The Body

Eliminating toxins from the body is another great benefit of HBOT for your overall health and your skin. Toxins can bring blemishes to the skin’s appearance, but with the help of frequent HBOT sessions, your body will be detoxed, and so will your skin’s appearance. As pure oxygen is inhaled and flows throughout the body, it reaches the cellular level and initiates detoxification. This refreshes the body, keeping you healthy and looking healthy with a glowing appearance on your skin.

Schedule your HBOT with Us To Experience Skin Benefits

Ohm Lifestyle Center is honored to offer the largest, most versatile HBOT chamber in the Northeast. If you want to gain these amazing skin benefits or explore some of the other benefits HBOT can offer, contact us today! Ohm Lifestyle Center is committed to providing customized services catering to clients’ health goals and needs. Learn more about our 100% pure oxygen in our hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and schedule your appointment today!

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